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Whew!  I did it! \O/  Two years ago I did NaNoWriMo for the first time. I started a Mag7 / Shadowrun fusion and wrote 53k in 30 days then for the next two years I struggled to finish the story.  This year for NaNo I set a goal to finish the book, no more excuses, no more procrastinating.  I finished it in 12 days.  Final word count for Revenge is a Dish ~ 73,670 words.

Now I just need to find a good beta reader. :)

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'Nuff said

It's NaNoWriMo time again....

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Jun. 26th, 2013

Two thoughts for today....

“I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity.” ~ Rudyard Kipling 1865 – 1936

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.  ~ Anthony Robbins

Amazon and the Great Fanfic Hunt.

So.. Amazon had a press release that ( knee jerk reaction ) looks fantastic for fanfic writers. They secure the licenses to allow us to write and SELL our fanfic legally.  Whoo hoo... right???  Well before you break out the champagne perhaps you should check out these two writers responses.

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

and  ( warning: Chuck has a terrible potty mouth ) Terrible Minds

Suddenly this "fantastic deal" is starting to look anything but fantastic.  Remember the saying  "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is." ??  YEAH. Writers Beware.


If you watch nothing else this week, watch this. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Cirque du Soleil ~ Alegria

Favorite Stories and Recommendations

My Favorite Stories ~ Revisited. ( I have some new favorites to add. :) Last update was on June 23, 2013

Warning: Some of these stories have mature content. Check warnings on the stories and Read at your own risk.

The Losers ~ There are so many amazing authors in this fandom that it is hard to pick just a few so this is gonna be a really long list.

I keep finding all these stories that delight me and the list keeps getting longer and longer. :) But for me, stories are like old friends and I love revisiting them.

And now might be the time for a colorful metaphor by TheCyborgThatCould . This one is so funny and sweet and sent me into serious giggle fits. Another one of Cyborgs that I love is 101 Practical Purposes for Babies or, Adventures in Baby Sitting. Do not be drinking or eating anything when you read this story. :)  And lastly not funny but very good,  He Makes My Arm Strong.

In All the Tongues of Men and Angels by coinin. This is a deeply moving story. Just fantastic.

Jodianne4eva wrote me a story that is truly magical. So very good! To the Waters and The Wild..If you like fairy tales you will love this story! She also wrote me another one that is amazing. El Tango is a must read!!!  And a funny little one she came up with for a picture I found... Bite Me

For my birthday Pistolbunny and Zoronoa gifted me with In the Dust Be Equal Made, I am blown away with how awesome both art and story are.

Peaceful_ sands also wrote me a birthday fic and answered one of my prompts all at the same time. The Simplest of Dreams Can Come True is a lovely story.

joidianne4eva also wrote a story for my birthday that is awesome! To Fly On Eagle's Wings

One last birthday story is by Kyoiku Kanji. Looks of Betrayal

I love Incubo, by the incomparable LilyZen. It has a wonderful plot, intriguing characters and luscious love scenes.
Another one of hers I love is Simplest Way

I also really love Losing It by Alex Kade. This story will rip your heart out and oh Alex does whump so well. I also love her dance trilogy Dirty ( winner of a monthly PWN challenge) Fusion and Duel . Another fantastic hurt/comfort by Alex is Bad Dog

Kyoiku Kanji is a fantastic writer and first is her newest project. Deadlock. This is an awesome LONG story (seriously this one is at over 100k words so far and it's not done yet.) full of twists and turns and epicness that must be read to be appreciated! It's set in the Shadowrun world so hold on to your hats it's going to be a bumpy ride!
Kevlar is Your Friend is the story where she fixes the debacle that Andy left us with, and Scopolamine Dreams . and Live and Learn

Once again Peaceful_sands has managed to captivate me with one of her incredible stories. Where You Belong is a must read. And if you're in the mood for an absolutely hysterical funny story try her There Was An Angry Moose! Honestly I adore all her stories so check out her Master Fiction List and just pick one. I recommend ever single story.

mintyfiend gives us like a screen door in a hurricane (The Losers: Jensen/Cougar) which has one of the most intense sensual descriptions of a kiss that I have ever had the privilege of reading. :)

Lex wrote a whole series that is absolutely wonderful. It starts with Salute and continures with Nobody Told Me He Could Fly You gotta check these out.:) Taking the Bait is my favorite of this series. :)

There are three shifter stories that I think stand out as beyond amazing. The first and second are peaceful_ sand's A Wolf Amoung Men and It Takes Courage to Tell ( missing scenes from Wolf) and the third is storm_petrel's ... By daybreak we'll be gone

AngeNoir has a very interesting shifter story that is very different from any other I have read. Be sure and check out. The Animal Within

Another shifter story I found is Field of Stone by ladyjanelly  this is a Fantastic AU story!
Ladyjanelly has another AU that I adore as well. Walk A While With Me

Pistol has a duology that is just fantastic. We Aspire To Be Reasonably Sane People and We Know How It Works (the world is no longer mysterious)

shanachie_quill's Mine and the prequel Body Modification are both fantastic, all about Jensen and a tattoo he gets for Cougar.

Kelly_girl's Underneath it all is a very intriguing AU that I wish to hell she would continue! ( She was kind enough to let me play in her sandbox and this one inspired my own story Belonging. )

Cockfight by kisahawklin is another awesome story.

Just a sweet little fluff story. Around the Campfire by talbhrigh

jujitsuelf has some really cute stories. my favorites are Out of the Mouths of Babes and So That's Why Cats Like Trees and this is another author that I can rec all her stories. Master List

Here is an awesome little story called Stuck on You. by joidianne4eva and yet another author I rec. She gave me the honor of beta reading Rattlesnake Smile for her and it is fantastic!

Natural Disaster by kaitlia777 made me giggle like a kid. :)

and Broken Wing by theleaveswant

The Swear Can and its sequel The Cougar Clause by symbioticdeath are both worth a read.

Found a lovely long story by Cattraine called Security Blanket.

Another nice long story is I See the Stars At Mortal Wars by GeminiStep

If you give a Cougar a cookie you'll have this cute little story What a Cougar Wants.

Walk With Me by JoeLawson is another must read.

Lost In Translation by freneticfloetry is awesome.

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra by shrift

Merry_Gentry has a very interesting trilogy in her Non-Human 'verse. Normality Is Such An Over-Rated Word , Piece By Piece to Make a Whole and These Paws Are Made For Walking

Pistolbunny gives us a lovely long story We Know How It Works. And zoronoa has some art work that goes with it.
Ya know... everything Pistol writes ends up on my favorite page and here is another one. :)
Like A Blessing (like a knee in the chest)

Some Rules by Medie

Impersonation by Resonant is another great story.

We don't have very many stories that are Pooch-centric. This is one of the best. Extract by blinddreamer

I have no words to describe this one, just tears. The Love It Takes to Destroy a Man by blinddreamer

If your in the mood for a good laugh don't miss Don't Start None by Libunnifufu

I love fix-it's and this is a good one... Reunion by CSI_Sanders

This Side of Paradise by Anonymous

Sheltering skies and stable earth beneath by maharetr reads almost like a poem. And there is even some breathtaking art that goes with this big bang entry.

and last but not least Flippers, Bumpers, and Gates by taibhrigh

Magnificent Seven ~

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. *I* say inspiration is by far more flattering. Last Riddle written by my friend Alex Kade is set in my Shadowrun universe. If you haven't read my stories Fortune's Hostage and Initiation you need to, to understand and fully appreciate this wonderful addition to my world. It is awesome and I am flattered beyond belief that she would want to play in my sandbox.

... Makes You Stronger by SallyM is a delightfully funny romp.

Two of my favorites were written by fanficfan83. Oblivious and Showdown .

One of my very favorite M7 stories is Foreplay by Livengoo. It is hysterically funny.

Camino del Diablo This story is dark, intense and very good, but not for the faint of heart. The sequel to Camino is Midnight of My Soul.

The Avengers

Deck The Halls With Daddy Issues by whreflections is wonderful.

Absolutely hysterical OMG I can't breathe funny.... The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes

Fantastic story and as an added bonus.. recipes!  Food For Thought
Today Is Brought To You By The Letter H by fuzzy_paint is rolling on the ground hysterical.

Sexy Pants - OMG fantastic story.

The Sentinel ~ ( my first fandom. :)

Has-Beens and Wannabes by Kikkimax is a wonderful story. Actually all her stories are awesome.

If you're looking for something to tickle your funny bone, try My Guide Has Fleas by Robyn.

Another one , also by Kikkimax, that will leave you in stiches is Goldie Locks and the Three Bears ( as told by Simon Banks )

Silent Night? by SallyM has such a beautiful peaceful feel to it despite the Blair owies.

Haven ~

No Words are Gonna Keep Us Dry is a wonderful little story I just found by TessaStarDean. And another Rain Cloud.

Shadowrun ~

Duck and Company by DeckerM. Every story on this page is fabulous and I adore the Backer Bros.

Deadlock. Yes this is also mentioned up there in the Losers section, but since it's a fusion I think it bears a repeat reccomendation. :) It's that good! This is an awesome LONG story (seriously this one is at over 100k words so far and it's not done yet.) full of twists and turns and epicness that must be read to be appreciated!

Hawaii Five-O ~

Theobromine Steve doesn't like chocolate and this is why. :) ( Story starts half way down the page so scroll down. )

Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea by JoeLawson is an awesome story.

Aisle Organization 101 Short, sweet and naughtily funny.

Hawaii Five-O Shifter Verse by shanachie_quill is a fantastic series.

StarGate Atlantis ~

A Farm in Iowa AU by Cate is one of the most well written series of fan fiction stories I have ever read.

Tin Man

Keeper of Names by Yuletide Fairy is an amazing story.

The Incredible

Fabulous, by alianora  This is so good you will hear the characters voice as you read.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

So there ya go. My favorites revisited. I may add will add more to this list cause I am always finding more awesome fiction out there. :) CC

Going Pro

If you are thinking about going pro and selling your books on Nook, you really need to read this before you sign any contracts.

Mar. 28th, 2013

More Writer's Rescoures

I recently bought a couple of books from Amazon. Writing Active Setting Book 1: Characterization and Sensory Detail
and Writing Active Setting Book 2: Emotion, Conflict and Back Story both by Mary Buckham.

I highly recommend both these books. They are a fantastic help in creating dynamic settings and in revealing your characters by how they view their surroundings.  I give both books 5 stars.  If I ever teach another creative writing course these will be required reading.

Writer's Resources

I found a wonderful article this morning by the author of  We Are Not Alone , Kristen Lamb.  The article entitled 5 Red Flags Your Story Needs Revision is very helpful. If you write, you should check it out.

Oct. 27th, 2012

Happy Birthday, space891! :)


Oct. 6th, 2012

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Words to live by....

"Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “Holy shit, what a ride!” ~ Mavis Leyrer

True Story


I love to read. Hell, can't imagine a single day going by without reading something. I have been known to read soup can labels if nothing else is available. Thank God for fan fiction. Without that and libraries, we would end up bankrupt trying to keep me in books. :)


by: Heather Alexander

I spin tales each day of this world full of wonder
I hear people say, "You can harvest the plunder"
But as I reach out with a trembling hand
All the gold coins just turn into sand

I feel very weary, my temper is biting
I know I've grown leery and tired of the fighting
I pray everyday that it all will be grand
But I sure could use help of your kind, friendly hand

Please, Storyteller, pull a tale from your pocket
Spin me a story from your coattail so bare
My heart has turned cold, my dreams are too old
And I need to know magic's still there

My own coat's too thin and I'm down to the lining
The spirit within on itself is entwining
My colors are faded, my cuffs are both worn
And the seam down the back is all tattered and torn

Please, Storyteller, pull a tale from your pocket
Spin me a story from your coattail so bare
My heart has turned cold, my dreams are too old
And I need to know magic's still there

I walk through your door, see the smile that won't tire
I sit on the floor with your dog by the fire
You'll guide me on walkways where the faerie lights burn
And I hope that I never return

Who'll keep the firelight bright when you're gone?
Who has the insight to help me go on?
You taught me that stories, once told, can come true
And I hope that I tell them with magic, like you

Please, Storyteller, pull a tale from your pocket
Spin me a story from your coattail so bare
My heart has turned cold, my dreams are too old
And I need to know magic's still there

Please, Storyteller, pull a tale from your pocket
Spin me a story from your coattail so bare
My heart has turned cold, my dreams are too old
And I need to know magic's still there

Too Short




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